Guitarras Azahar, 

company founded in 1971 in Aldaia, province of Valencia (Spain).

From the beginning  “Guitarras Azahar”   has a luthier craftsmen traditionally formed from other workshops lutherie, whose knowledge, experience and professionalism have been passed from the earliest generations who carry out guitars in true artisan style until now; respecting the canons of construction , adapting to market needs and progressing in new materials that improve everyday our instruments , from basic guitar to start playing , to more advanced levels , reaching to the máximum demand of the professional level.

Thanks to our conservative style “Guitarras Azahar “ ensure that our instruments are built as decades ago, by hand and handcrafted as required by the exclusivity of a Spanish guitar.

At the present time, the company continues with the family saga and we continue developing and improving our products every day, maintaining the tradition of artisans who create instruments guaranteed by our customers with an unbeatable price.